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Dear Friends,

“Solstice”:  from the Latin word “solstitium”, meaning “sun stands still”.

The summer solstice was also known as Litha.  Nearly every agricultural society marked the high point of summer, the longest day of the year, the sun at its zenith and fullest power. British humor quips that it’s all down hill from here.

The Celts celebrated with bonfires – lots of them.

Are we aware of when we’re at our highest power?  Does that feel bitter-sweet? And yet the sun never stops.  It’s light may be cyclical, but its light and gifts are constant.

Today, give yourself permission to revel in your own glory.


Summer Solstice - June 21, 2017

The eye of summer is my eye;
the heart of summer, my heart.
Standing still, I  reach perfection -
the enemy of my greatness.





Once handed out on street corners, it seemed right to update the broadside* form for our electronic age's street corner - the web. Welcome to A VISION AND A VERSE, an e-Broadside. Four to six times a year, I'll showcase a featured image and poem of mine, matching them on a seasonal or timely theme.

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Margaret McCarthy

*A broadside is a large sheet of paper printed on one side only. Historically, broadsides were posters, announcing events or proclamations, or simply advertisements. Today, broadside printing is done by many smaller printers and publishers as a fine art variant, with poems often being available as broadsides, intended to be framed and hung on the wall.
-From Wikipedia