Dear Friends,

The first issue I sent celebrating the Summer Solstice in 2012 featured my photograph of Stonehenge and a haiku I wrote honoring Ireland's first poet, Amergin.  One of my favorite issues, I wanted to share it again, especially with the many new subscribers who have just recently found A VISION AND A VERSE.

Amergin's verses, said to be the first verses made in Ireland, are often considered incantations, rather than poems.  Their alliterative chain-verse structure is song-like, usually containing a poet's "boast".  I've written two new haiku and a closer in addition to the haiku I originally wrote. I hope these additions give you a better feeling for this ancient bardic form. 

To all of you, it is an honor to be invited into your in-boxes; I'm continually heartened and inspired by your responses!

Welcome to the height of summer!


Summer Solstice - June 20, 2021

Amergin asked me:
Who is a tear from the sun?
I'm Midsummer's eye!

Amergin asked me:
Who carries blood from a stone?
I'm Ancestors' song!

Amergin asked me:
Who creates your soul's fire?
I'm creation's spark!

Who but I, who have been all?