Dear Friends,

This is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day; Friday, April 24 is Arbor Day.  In this time of Covoid-19, a virus that attacks the respiratory system, it's especially meaningful to think about, honor and celebrate trees -- the lungs of the Earth.

The whole world is on pause.  This pause, unbidden and unprecedented, has given the Earth a chance to catch her breath -- and us a chance to contemplate how we can better preserve the wonderful gifts we've been given. 

There has never been a more important time to think globally and act locally – from home, if we are fortunate enough to have one.

Population Connection has a great list of 22 ways to celebrate Earth Day from home.

Closer to home, The Dwelling Place of New York, a transitional residence for homeless women, is sheltering its residents in place; they are, in turn, making meals and face masks for other New Yorkers in need.  Learn more about them and contribute what you can.

Finally, plant a tree; the ARBOR DAY FOUNDATION will help you - or do if for you!

When we are able to take a deep breath, let us feel thankful for that.

Stay safe and sound and healthy.


Earth Day - April 22, 2020

Now we've reached it
The crux of the matter

Our right to survive
Our right to stand tall

In our own magic
The magic we made
Before you – before
Our magic was choked

Now we've reached it
The crux of the matter
Waiting for us, verdant
Cradling all we hold dear

Now we've reached it
The place where we separate
To pause at the Crossroads
Against this rough magic
Our backs up against it.