Dear Friends,

Today, April 26, is National Arbor Day. Following Easter and Passover, falling between Earth Day on April 22nd  and the Celtic celebration of Bealtaine on May 1st or May Day,  the tree seems to stand at the center of this season of fertility, rebirth and renewal.

Now is the time for trees.

You can support The Arbor Day Foundation "Time for Trees" initiative here:

When we renew the earth, we renew ourselves.


Arbor Day - April 26, 2019

I led him into dark green, leafy places,
took him where he was reluctant to go,
saying: this is new for me, also, saying
trust me;  I said:
trust me.
It was a deep progressing onward,
a slow moving inward
into something neither of us knew about,
this journey that took us always back to ourselves,
always back to places we thought we had seen
and passed before,
but had not.
It was an expedition into the deep green of self knowledge
and those fathomless places
like black spaces between overlapping leaves,
or where the trunks of trees stand too close together...

From: IN THE BECOMING: Poems based on the Deirdre Story       © Margaret McCarthy