Dear Friends,


First day of summer is a cardinal point on the astronomical calendar. Cardinal: from the Latin "on which something turns or depends".

Longest day of the year.  The sun's high point or low point, depending on where you are. Tipping point?

You've seen this picture before.  On this Summer Solstice, I'm presenting you with its negative.

John Lennon famously said "everything's its opposite".   He said this while admitting to his own violence and worst behavior.

How do we take responsibility for our own worst behavior?  Do people get the leaders they deserve?

As a photographer who loves black and white, I thought it might be helpful to share the negative of my photo "Between Lives" with you. 
Gray areas drop out; you see the big picture in a stark way.

Traditionally, a good print has a range of midtones. Can we live without the midtones?


The Summer Solstice -- June 21, 2018

Whose soul is this?
the shadow cries
havoc, slips the bounds of sense, love's
common boundary.

Whose soul is this?
Black or white?
Day or night?
Shadow or light;
Own yours.