Dear Friends,

Can a glacier speak for itself?

In her book RECLAIMING THE WILD SOUL: HOW EARTH'S LANDSCAPES RESTORE US TO WHOLENESS author Mary Reynolds Thompson states:  " I feel my own flesh and the flesh of the earth as one.  In harming Earth, I cause myself harm; in caring for the Earth, I care for myself."

Our ability to remember that truth brings "the shift of consciousness" we need that " is the principal means to overcoming our planetary crisis."

Today, celebrate the beautiful mystery of the Earth and yourself as one.


Earth Day - April 22, 2018

Forming in this place,
maybe a cauldron,
maybe a star.
With my sound I name this place:
your disowned birthplace, the fluid
nebulous beginnings you choose to forget;
I speak volumes
about the dark, weightless world where fantastic things incubate,
your unnamed, unclaimed place of origin, all you
left years ago,
the sea over which you came…

From: IN THE BECOMING: Poems based on the Deirdre Story
© Margaret McCarthy