Dear Friends,

October 9th, John Lennon's birthday, sees fans from all over the world converge on Strawberry Field in Central Park to celebrate his life, his music and his vision for a better world    Memorial shrines, created with great love and care, speak to his enduring influence and spirit.  The photograph below, currently on exhibition at ArtsWestchester, was created in 2010 on what would have been his 70th birthday; the accompanying text is young John's opening  monologue from my stage play,  THE SACRIFICIAL KING: A PLAY FOR JOHN LENNON  (see production clips).

This Autumn return issue of A VISION AND A VERSE celebrates John; you have been a continual source of inspiration for me and my creative life.  Thank you for sharing your many gifts with the world.


October 9, 2012 - Remembering John Lennon's Birthday

I was always different
different from the others
different all my life
this 12 year old life, so different
from all the other
12 year old lives.

The adults say "John, be a good boy", they say
"John, that's a good lad", but I see things
no one else sees- green magic forest kingdom
on the lawns of Strawberry Fields,
and the boys that no one wants, the boys
everyone left behind.
I see things no one else sees-
are they only meant for me, are they meant
for only me?

Young John's opening monologue,