Dear Friends.

Surprise.  Bet you were expecting this on October 31st.  Faithful readers know that Halloween / Samhain and November 1 – All Souls' Day   Day of the Dead – all are part of the same thing.

The veil between worlds thins on the eve of October 31st – November lst.  The ancestors come back for a visit.  Maybe we find ourselves thinking about our childhoods – remembering our past lives.

I recently came across an old, damaged family photo album.  The way the pictures – and the people in them- were ripped off the page or drawn over- fascinated me.  What happened to this album?  Who were these people in the pictures?  A few I could recognize or guess at.  But most remain unidentified. Mysteries.

I share a page from this album with you.


All Souls' Day - November 1, 2017

They're all leaving –
the generations before you;
the immigrants you came from have left you.

Who is she? The girl
in the car driving off the ripped page,
this forgotten, anonymous ancestor,

whose descendant's scrawl barks at her heels?