Dear Friends,

No matter how the forces that be try to keep us snowed under, can you feel the ice cracking?  Feel the energy rising?  Notice the process of so many waking up, coming out of slumber, each in their own individual way?

The energies are shifting and you, my dear readers, are proof of that. I was overwhelmed by your responses to my January 6  Women's Christmas Issue.  A computer crash  (actually, the computer fainted) delayed me from seeing your responses until just recently.  Please know how much they mean to me.  I am heartened beyond words. You already are the change you desire.

In the spirit of new beginnings, some news:  NOTEBOOKS FROM MYSTERY SCHOOL got a wonderful review from THE MOM EGG REVIEW.  How Spring like is that?

For those of you in the NYC area, I'm honored to be reading at The English Speaking Union on Thursday, March 30th – details here. I'd love to see you there! 

Happy Spring- new energies are rising.  By its nature, Spring is an uprising.
Allow yourself to feel and enjoy being the Groundswell.



I did not know what I had created --  this
s    o     u     n     d
made before human speech
s       o      u     n    d
before language

The struggle to find voice a great welling
up, bubbling as oil or water up
from some unimagined center, guttural
the outcry, the utterance expelled

is the uproar of the stifled
released and set free.

I did not know what I had created
it was still like an animal cry
it had the terror of incoherence

breaks the surface
like a fish burst from dark water;
high in the air
by itself, a silver siren.

I did not know what I had created,

this  s  o  u  n   d, curved
and polished as knives,
sharp as teeth,
this  s  o   u   n    d

large as all existence, this  s  o  u  n  d
I call it

From: IN THE BECOMING: Poems based on the Deirdre Story
© Margaret McCarthy