Dear Friends,

Once again, equal night, equal day; I'm already missing my long Summer days!

Enter Autumn; the Latin word autumnus, roughly translated means, "at year's full maturity".

Even if we live in a city or a town, the season's shift works profound changes on us. Nature may seem far away -  yet closer to us, all at the same time.

A noted quality of Little Errigal Mountain in County Donegal, Ireland, is the ever-changing shape of the mountain depending on what direction you view it from. Hmm… How magical is that?  I thought it appropriate in this season of change to share this view of it.


The Autumnal Equinox - September 23, 2015

I like the dreamy cloudlike height of aspire,
the wide open gate and long, expansive breadth of possibility,
the cold, clean, astringent sound of
The fields and mountains understand their meanings perfectly.

Journeys through them change minds
and changing roads change thinking
as new places force sight along
in new ways and new words
are needed to describe our changing
The journey's uncertain outcome colors all
our describing.

From: "New Road";  In The Becoming: Poems based on the Deirdre Story
             Copyright Margaret McCarthy