Dear Friends,

This Summer Solstice issue is dedicated to my father – Harry V. McCarthy. Our family summer vacations instilled in me a love of this season.  I believe it was his favorite season. Thank you, Dad, for all the wonderful summers with time on my own to listen to the natural world.

Wishing you a Happy Father's Day and a summer with some timeless moments for yourself.

Summer Solstice & Father's Day - June 21, 2015


One morning I sank into summer and summer sank into me; unexpectedly,
the trees, double thick outside my window
and the bird song heavy on the humid morning air stuck
to my damp skin, every bird note entered
in through all my pores.

The leaves bent and spoke a little,
but just a bit; they barely moved
in the heat, languid, they whispered faintly among themselves
and were still again.
They did not speak to me;
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