Dear Friends,

Equinox: from the Latin, "Equal night".  The sun shines directly on the equator. 12 hours.  All over the world, day and night, dark & light are equal.  As a photographer who loves black & white, this fascinates me.  What happens to our mid-tones?

Vernal Equinox. Today, at Mexico's Chichen Itza, The Snake of Sunlight climbs the pyramid steps.  Kundalini energy.  Rebirth.  New beginnings.  Spring.

I've spent this winter in extremes; freezing in New York's record cold, then burning under the Central American sun as I approached the Equator; nothing prepares you for equatorial sun.  Home again, I await the blossoming of my beloved pear oaks.  Balance.  A still point in the mid-tones; a calm center from which to start all over, begin again…


March 20, 2014

Leaf-flutter accompanies
the new season's smell --

cattle's pungent body odor,
the scent warm stone gives off,
damp earth's tang.
A difference in light summons
memory, slow warmth,
the sharp edge
of an unnamed longing, the ache
of some forgotten obligation
The work of a gradual transformation
quickens, slides through cracks in this enclosure,
or enters openly by window and by door; even Conchobor,
a king can't lock out
this intruder Spring; ubiquitous,  
its subversive changes

From: IN THE BECOMING, copyright, Margaret McCarthy